BFrame Connects with PaymentVision to Provide HZB Financial Services with PCI-certified Payment Processing Services

GAITHERSBURG, MD, March 20, 2009 – BFrame Data Systems, one of the leading providers of receivables management software for the collections industry and Autoscribe Corp, provider of the popular payment gateway PaymentVision partner to provide HZB Financial Services with PCI-certified payment processing.
The integration of BFrame collection software with the PaymentVision payment gateway enables HZB Financial to schedule both one-time and recurring ACH, credit card, and debit card payments directly from within their collection software. PaymentVision’s token based method of maintaining payment schedules removes the burden of storing credit card and bank account information and provided HZB Financial Services with an easy path to achieving compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The integration also enables debtors to review and make payment against their outstanding debt via the Web and via touch-tone phone. Payments received through all payment windows are automatically posted back to the BFrame system.

“The opportunity to work accounts in a faster and more efficient manner exists through smart technology and value-added partnerships such as the collaborative effort between Autoscribe and BFrame. HZB Financial Services is a growing company and we are happy to be a part of their success,” said Sean Fleming: Director of PaymentVision Gateway Services, Autoscribe Corporation.

“The relationship that we have with Autoscribe and BFrame is congruent with our business philosophy. We appreciate the continuous efforts of both companies as they work with us to leverage technology to assist us with compliance, profitability and customer satisfaction,” said Charles Henry: CEO of HZB Financial Services.

About PaymentVision Gateway Services
PaymentVision is the Internet payment gateway popular among corporate billers across various industries for its ease of use and consumer friendly payment windows. The gateway services include the PayAgent 2 virtual terminal and consumer friendly self-service windows such as PayWeb 2 & PayIVR. The gateway services extend payment processing features to software publishers via PayAPI, a SOAP based XML web service. PaymentVision Gateway Services is powered by Autoscribe Corporation, one of the largest electronic payment processors in the U.S., processing over $4.5 billion in transactions annually.

About BFrame Data Systems
BFrame Recovery Management System provides a field tested and proven solution for agencies, credit grantors and debt buyers. It’s a feature-rich browser based interface designed and developed from client input to provide a powerful, versatile and user-friendly debt collection and recovery system. The BFrame solution can be implemented on-site for large scale call center environments, or hosted in the BFrame datacenter for smaller deployments. In both scenarios, collection and recovery agents will find the universally familiar browser graphical user interface (GUI) a quick aid in training. System modules include collections, recovery, agency management, buy/sell management and SQL query tools. The Account Manager module enables the user to automate account workflow. For more detailed information, or to request a personalized product demonstration, visit the BFrame web site at, or email