IAT Announces Completed Integration and Successful Use of PaymentVision Gateway Services

Salt Lake City, April 9, 2009 – IAT, a leading provider of communications solutions for the collection industry and related markets, announced today that integration with PaymentVision®, the popular payment gateway powered by Autoscribe Corp, is complete and is being used by clients to successfully automate payments. Interactive collection messages can include self-service payment options with real-time authorization by PaymentVision.

IAT clients who contract with PaymentVision enjoy the simplicity and profitability of real-time payment verification with both hosted (CT Impact®) and site-premised (CT Center®) “Demand for Payment” dialogues. Debtors can pay by ACHcredit and debit card, completely unattended. PaymentVision Gateway Svcs are hosted in a PCI Certified environment and require zero IT resources to implement. The payment plug-in features a web-based administrative console which provides a real-time view to all payment activity.

Dave Rudd, President and CEO of IAT, said, “The staff of PaymentVision was very easy to work with during the integration development process. The interaction between our organizations was smooth and always focused on what the end-user would need to be successful. Our clients are reporting great results using PaymentVision’s services. This is a winning combination for both companies’ customers.”

Sean Fleming, Director of PaymentVision Gateway Services, Autoscribe Corporation, said, “It’s easy to see why IAT has had such great success with its communication solutions. They have a great product and a great team behind it. With the integration now complete, IAT is already proving to be a very effective payment channel. I think customers will be very excited when they start to see IAT payments appearing on their PaymentVision dashboard.”

Autoscribe will be exhibiting and talking about PaymentVision at the IAT User Conference, April 14 – 17, in New Orleans.

About PaymentVision Gateway Services
PaymentVision® is the Internet payment gateway popular among corporate billers across various industries for its ease of use and consumer friendly payment windows. The gateway services include the PayAgent 2â„¢ virtual terminal and consumer friendly self-service windows such as PayWeb 2â„¢ & PayIVRâ„¢. The gateway services extend payment processing features to software publishers via PayAPIâ„¢, a SOAP based XML web service. PaymentVision Gateway Services is powered by Autoscribe Corporation, one of the largest electronic payment processors in the U.S., processing over $4.5 billion in transactions annually.

About IAT
IAT provides predictive dialing and interactive communications contacting solutions for the collection industry and related markets. Their products are installed in hundreds of organizations throughout the U.S., Canada, and South Africa. Using their cutting-edge product offering, CT Center, their predictive dialer and outbound/inbound IVR communications systems can operate simultaneously on a single Windows platform. In addition to site-premised systems, CT Impact, IAT’s Hosted Broadcast Messaging and Predictive Dialer service, increases debt recovery without an initial capital investment. By developing quality, collection-specific products and services, and providing outstanding customer service and support, IAT helps customers become significantly more productive and profitable. Founded in 1986, IAT is a privately held company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.