PayAPI to Extend Cash Payment Option to Software Integration Partners

GAITHERSBURG, MD, December 1, 2010 – PaymentVision recently announced a strategic alliance with PayNearMe that will enable PaymentVision gateway users to offer convenient cash payment options to their customers. The PaymentVision gateway includes on-demand payment capture channels (PayWeb 2, PayIVR, & PayAgent 2) as wells as support for integrated payments through third party systems with PayAPI web services.

PaymentVision’s Software Integration Partner (SIP) program allows software vendors and application service providers to payment enable their applications with minimal development effort. Users of those products enjoy ready and secure access to the ACH and card processing networks, as well as greatly reduced PCI compliance requirements thanks to token-based web services.
Beginning in the first quarter of next year PayAPI will allow Software Integration Partners to leverage the vast PayNearMe network of cash payment storefronts. – “Since the announcement of our partnership with PayNearMe excitement within our development community has reached a fever pitch. This is hot technology that will bring a lot of payments into a lot of applications. We’re pleased to announce that we’re on track to extend the feature to our entire partner network at the first of the year.” – Christopher McClinton, Vice President, Product Strategy