PaymentVision announces 3.0 Universal Payment Processing Gateway Easier, faster and more secure processing of electronic payment transactions

GAITHERSBURG, MD, May 12, 2011 – PaymentVision, announces the launch of its 3.0 Universal Payment Processing Gateway (UPPG), which promises to add a whole new dimension to payments by offering customers easier, faster and more secure processing.

PaymentVision will be holding press events at 2011 NARCA Spring Collection Conference, booth #227, in Chicago, May 12 – 14 and at 2011 National Conference of Buy Here Pay Here, booth # 434, in Las Vegas, May 18-20.

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“PaymentVision has a proud 20 year patent-filled history of delivering best-in-market integrated payment solutions, we continue this legacy with our latest 3.0 gateway delivering what we believe to be not only the best payment processing solution on the market but a solution that can now be implemented in as little as 15 business days from start to finish.”
– Rob Pollin, President, PaymentVision

“We are committed to improving our collection processes to meet the changing payment habits of debtors and the security needs of our clients and the new 3.0 PaymentVision software has fulfilled its promises. PaymentVision has helped us provide effective electronic payment options to our debtors and better results for our clients.”
– Jeff Wertheim, Collection Attorney, Halcomb & Wertheim, P.C.

Key new features of the next generation PaymentVision’s Universal Payment Processing Gateway solution include:

BATCH CONTROL: PaymentVision now provides users with the ability to control their batch cut-offs, at various organizational levels, for all payment types. This can be performed through the PaymentVision Administrative portal or through an Integration Partner using PayAPI. Either way we have simplified the reconciliation process and have helped collection agencies and law firms, in particular, to comply with client remittance deadlines.

CARD TYPE FILTERING: PaymentVision now allows you to block all credit cards or only those that have been issued by a particular bank. This helps finance companies comply with card acceptance rules and creates a powerful advantage for collection agencies and law firms looking to retain and attract new business from the issuers.

CONTINUOUS SYNCHRONIZATION: With Payment Vision, updates happen continuously throughout the day, from all payment capture channels. With continuous synchronization from PaymentVision, you can keep all of your systems in-synch with your collected payments, guarding against FDCPA violations and eliminating wasted time pursuing fully satisfied collections.

BANK ACCOUNT VERIFICATION: PaymentVision now provides an on-demand run mode for its Bank Account Verification service allowing users to selectively verify bank account status when scheduling a check or ACH payment in PaymentVision. The new run mode makes sure you are getting a good payment every time in real-time. When you enter a bank account number, PaymentVision verifies that the account is open, in good standing and has not had any noteworthy NSF activity.

ON-DEMAND REPORTING: PaymentVision now provides the ability to request batch history reports and itemized transaction lists from directly within your receivables software using PayAPI. The new reporting feature helps simplify the reconciliation process for accounting users.

About Halcomb & Wertheim, P.C.
Halcomb & Wertheim, P.C. is a Creditors’ Rights law firm in Birmingham, Alabama. Founded in 1997 by W. McCollum ‘Mac’ Halcomb and Jeffrey H. Wertheim, the firm provides collection and legal services throughout the State of Alabama and in all Alabama State, Federal and Bankruptcy Courts.

About PaymentVision Gateway Services
PaymentVision® is driving the industry as a biller direct, PCI-certified electronic payment gateway leader. PaymentVision® offers clients the unified ability to accept ACH, cash, and credit or debit card payments via in-person, phone or internet payment channels. A visionary company with an impressive 20 year history, PaymentVision® is responsible for securely handling billions of transactions for thousands of leading financial institutions, credit unions, collection agencies, credit bureaus, money services, foreign exchange originators, as well as large and small non-financial entities such as healthcare, consumer goods, energy and utilities, telecommunications, insurance companies and municipalities across the nation. A first choice partner for premium services at discount rates, PaymentVision® works with software providers in targeted vertical markets to integrate payment processing and tokenize sensitive account data via PayAPI, a SOAP based XML web service. Get Plugged In, Why Settle For Less? Add vision to your payment processing today at