JST Partners with PaymentVision to integrate CollectMax with PaymentVision 3.0 Universal Payment Gateway

Richmond, VA, October 18, 2011 – Announcing at NARCA 2011 Fall Collection Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona that CollectMaxâ„¢ from JST, the proven advanced software solution used by hundreds of collections law firms nationwide is now integrated with PaymentVision, the leading universal collections payment gateway. Special discount offers will be given out during the show for the soon to be released software.
Delivering Faster, More Secure Data Exchange and up to $1,000 off of your first two invoices.

PaymentVision security includes managing financial account data through the use of tokenization, which ensures that your financial account data is never stored on the user’s system. The user will receive the highest level of compliance available with the PaymentVision platform, which is PCI DSS Level 1.

Highlights of the combined CollectMax and PaymentVision payment processing include:
b1 Reduced administrative overhead – The system takes care of posting payments

b1 No hold, no reserve – PaymentVision’s flexible settlement options allow agencies to leverage their current banking relationships, eliminate hold requirements and accelerate funds receipt

b1 Tokenization – Ensures that your financial account data is never stored on the user’s system

b1 PCI peace of mind – The user will receive the highest level of compliance available with the PaymentVision platform, which is PCI DSS Level 1

b1 Increased collections through self-serve online and IVR phone payments

“As two of the best and most reputable providers in the industry, it just made sense for JST and PaymentVision to partner. We want the same goals for our users – a wide range of the latest features designed to streamline the debt collection processes and boost productivity exponentially- with the CollectMax and PaymentVision 3.0 this goal is certainly accomplished.” – Robert Pollin, CEO of PaymentVision

JST (Booth 221) and PaymentVision(Booth 208) will be on hand to demo the new software at NARCA 2011 Fall Collection Conference and there will be a one time Special SHOW OFFER up to $1,000 off of your first two invoices, restrictions apply.

About PaymentVision Gateway Services
PaymentVision® is driving the industry as a biller direct, PCI-certified electronic payment universal gateway leader. PaymentVision® offers clients the unified ability to accept ACH, cash, and credit or debit card payments whether it be in-person, by phone or through internet payment channels. With an impressive 20 year history, PaymentVision® is responsible for securely handling billions of transactions for thousands of leading financial institutions, credit unions, collection agencies, credit bureaus, money services, foreign exchange originators, as well as large and small non-financial entities such as healthcare, consumer goods, energy and utilities, telecommunications, insurance companies and municipalities across the nation.

A first choice partner for premium services at discount rates, PaymentVision® works with software providers in targeted vertical markets to integrate payment processing and tokenize sensitive account data via PayAPI, a SOAP based XML web service. Get Plugged In, Why Settle For Less? Boost profitability with www.paymentvision.com.

About JST
JST is the developer of CollectMaxâ„¢. Introduced in 1987, over Hundreds of collection law firms now use CollectMaxâ„¢ from JST to manage their debt collections practices, with over 900 installations nationwide. CollectMaxâ„¢ is the right fit for almost any practice, whether you manage 200 or 200,000 files. CollectMaxâ„¢ is uniquely flexible and designed to be exceptionally user- friendly. Training new users is easy and purchasing CollectMaxâ„¢ is easy, too: options include a monthly rental, and you can start with a basic package and add on as your practice grows. It’s just that simple.

Pick the right choice for legal collections software at www.collectmax.com or to schedule a free, live online demonstration, call 800-827-1457.