Author: Eugene O'Rourke

As the VP of Marketing, Eugene brings more than 10 years of experience leading international and U.S. based marketing teams, and is responsible for driving the execution of the corporate strategy, vision, brand, and communications.

Payment Gateways are Restoring Convenience in Online Banking

Topics: Merchant Processing, Electronic Payments, Urgency Payments

Online payment gateways are changing how businesses process transactions, especially banks. More and more, financial institutions are adopting payment solutions that give consumers a variety of ways to manage their…

Read More > August 18, 2017

Choosing the Right Online Payment Gateway for Your Business

Topics: Electronic Payments, Urgency Payments

More than ever, people are using an online payment gateway to conduct their financial business. The variety of digital payment options is growing, and traditional payment methods such as cash…

Read More > August 14, 2017

Semi-Annual Report Showcases CFPB Success

Topics: Payments Industry Trends, Payments Compliance

Since 2011, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) has had as its sole focus protecting American consumers from unfair practices in the nation’s financial industries. By 2017, the agency had…

Read More > July 24, 2017

Online Payments Ease Business and Consumer Stress

Topics: Electronic Payments, Urgency Payments

The first few years of the online payments opportunity was scary for retailers. There was scarce security programming available to keep consumer information safe, products got lost in the delivery…

Read More > June 21, 2017