Author: Eugene O'Rourke

As the VP of Marketing, Eugene brings more than 10 years of experience leading international and U.S. based marketing teams, and is responsible for driving the execution of the corporate strategy, vision, brand, and communications.

Building on the Success of the Past – The CFPB’s PWA Compliance Report

Topics: Merchant Processing

Pursuant to the Plain Writing Act of 2010 (PWA), members of the federal executive branch (“executive agencies”) are required to use plain language in documents that: Are necessary for obtaining…

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CFPB Proposes Controls on Third-Party Debt Collection Practices

Topics: Merchant Processing

Debt collection is big business. In the United States, the annual amount of debt collection, not including debt owed to the federal government, exceeds $13 billion dollars. Across the country,…

Read More > August 16, 2016

Dodd-Frank Act on the Block: House Financial Services Committee Proposes Changes

Topics: Merchant Processing

When the Obama government ascertained the complex causes that led to the “Great Recession” of 2007-2009, it enacted into law rules that would prevent the excessive risk-taking that created that…

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What is EMV?

Topics: Merchant Processing, Electronic Payments, Payments Risk Management, Payments Compliance, Retail Payments

While still relatively new to the United States, Europay, MasterCard and Visa – more commonly known as EMV – is an important worldwide security standard for credit cards. The History…

Read More > July 26, 2016