Author: Eugene O'Rourke

As the VP of Marketing, Eugene brings more than 10 years of experience leading international and U.S. based marketing teams, and is responsible for driving the execution of the corporate strategy, vision, brand, and communications.

Third-Party Payment Processors Risk Management: Best Practices

Topics: Payments Risk Management

New CFPB regulations have brought consumer protection to the forefront, as well as greater scrutiny to financial institutions. Working from the premise that institutions can’t outsource responsibility for consumer protection, CFPB holds financial institutions…

Read More > March 8, 2016

5 Things Your Company Should Know About Recent NACHA Rule Changes

Topics: Payments Compliance

There are big changes coming to the world of electronic payments. NACHA, the electronic payments association that develops the operating rules and business practices of the automated clearing house (ACH),…

Read More > February 23, 2016

Autoscribe Holiday Toy Drive

Topics: Payments Industry Trends

On Friday, the employees of our Jacksonville, Florida office got together to not only have some holiday fun, but to focus on something much more important: supporting those in need….

Read More > December 14, 2015

Five Popular Myths About Merchant Service Providers Explained

Topics: Merchant Payment Processing

1. All transactions are processed at the same rate. A key challenge for businesses is how to understand interchange or swipe fees, which is what a merchant processor will charge…

Read More > November 19, 2015