Author: Eugene O'Rourke

As the VP of Marketing, Eugene brings more than 10 years of experience leading international and U.S. based marketing teams, and is responsible for driving the execution of the corporate strategy, vision, brand, and communications.

Why Cash is Still King with Walk-in Payment Services

Topics: Retail Payments

While electronic services have changed the landscape of financial services, consumers are still using a full range of payment methods, including cash. Though the use of e-commerce and mobile channels…

Read More > December 21, 2017

CFPB Reports a Drastic Increase In Riskier, Longer-Term Auto Loans

Topics: Payments Industry Trends, Payments Compliance

As the country recovered from The Great Recession, the auto industry led the industrial-sector back to best-ever sales numbers in 2017. Part of its resurgence was due to a shift…

Read More > December 19, 2017

Managing America’s Student Loan Debt

Topics: Payments Industry Trends

Since 2013, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CPFB) has received thousands of comments about America’s student loan practices. The agency’s oversight and interventions can’t come soon enough, as the country’s…

Read More > December 15, 2017

Five Reasons Kiosk Payments are a Perfect Fit for the Financial Industry

Topics: Retail Payments, Urgency Payments

The finance industry is rife with competition. From bankers to billers, companies working in the industry are facing an increasing need to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Offering unique service…

Read More > December 13, 2017