Author: Laurie Nelson

Laurie joined Autoscribe in 2014 as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, and is responsible for leading the internal processes for promoting and ensuring Autoscribe’s compliance with laws, regulations, company policies and agreements, compliance risk management, mitigation, and recovery efforts, and internal reporting programs.

Regulation F and How it Impacts Payment Processing Email Communication

Topics: Payments Compliance

As part of a debt collector’s general oversight responsibilities, they must evaluate all their vendors’ ability to perform services in compliance with applicable law. This oversight obligation includes emails sent…

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Confirmation Letters and the Decision by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

Topics: Payments Compliance

What does it mean for payment confirmation and reminder letters under the newly issued decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in the case of…

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Autoscribe’s Laurie Nelson honored with 2019 Women, Influence, & Power in Law Award

Topics: Payments Industry Trends

Autoscribe’s Laurie Nelson, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel, has been honored with a 2019 Women, Influence, & Power in Law Award (formerly known as the National Women in Law…

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Complete Guide to Electronic Payment Services Compliance

Topics: Payments Compliance

When you offer electronic payment services and online bill pay services, you need to make sure your operations meet the highest standards of information security. Adhering to all industry standards will help you serve your customers best while avoiding the often high costs of non-compliance.

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