Merchant Payment Processing

How ACH and Convenience Fees Can Drastically Lower the Cost of Payments

Topics: Merchant Payment Processing

In this blog, we’ll look at convenience fees. We’ll talk about what they are and explore the benefits of using ACH and convenience fees together to save organizations money on…

Read More > September 21, 2021

5 Benefits of an IVR Payment System

Topics: Merchant Payment Processing

In this blog, we will look at the many benefits of offering customers an IVR payment system – a payment technology that is convenient, secure, and can save organizations both…

Read More > July 26, 2021

How the Right Mobile Payment App Could Improve Your RTO Business

Topics: Merchant Payment Processing

The rent-to-own business model comes with its fair share of challenges, especially regarding payments. But what if it were possible to increase the efficiency of your RTO business, and improve…

Read More > July 7, 2021

Best Payment Gateways for Small Business: What’s Needed

Topics: Merchant Payment Processing

When shopping for the perfect payment gateway for a small business, many aspects must be considered. Many of the top payment platforms for small businesses have several significant features and…

Read More > June 14, 2021