Merchant Payment Processing

Public Housing Authorities: Serving the Underbanked Efficiently

Topics: Merchant Payment Processing

In this blog, we are going to discuss payment challenges faced by public housing authorities who serve the underbanked and unbanked. The information here is to help housing authorities understand…

Read More > May 15, 2020

Comprehensive Guide to Payment Processing with Convenience Fees

Topics: Merchant Payment Processing

Using credit and debit cards is convenient for consumers. However, processing those payments can be pricey for merchants. Through imposing surcharges, your company can continue to enjoy the convenience of accepting card payments without carrying the burden of high processing fees.

Read More > March 28, 2020

What is OmniChannel Payment Processing?

Topics: Merchant Payment Processing

Many consumers have been changing the way they make purchases and pay bills. Consumers today want the convenience of being able to make purchases or pay bills anywhere and at…

Read More > March 22, 2020

Understanding ACH Settlement Time

Topics: Merchant Payment Processing

When you receive your paycheck via direct deposit, transfer money between bank accounts, or schedule a recurring payment from your bank account, your money passes through the Automated Clearing House Network, or ACH. However, payments processed through ACH payment processing are not immediate.

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