Payments Risk Management

Multifactor Authentication Adds Strength to Updated Credit Card Security Rules

Topics: Payments Risk Management

Global credit card users will enjoy enhanced card data security, thanks to the recent update of PCI DSS standards. On April 28, 2016, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) issued Data…

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Take Precautionary Steps to Cybersecurity

Topics: Payments Risk Management

It is safe to say that today’s urgent need for security in every aspect of business is both unprecedented and overwhelming. The ubiquitous Internet opens doors for both commercial gain…

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Third-Party Payment Processors Risk Management: Best Practices

Topics: Payments Risk Management

New CFPB regulations have brought consumer protection to the forefront, as well as greater scrutiny to financial institutions. Working from the premise that institutions can’t outsource responsibility for consumer protection, CFPB holds financial institutions…

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Infographic – The Basics of Hosted Tokenization

Topics: Payments Risk Management

In many industries, hosted tokenization is a best practice for protecting financial account data transmission and storage, enabling you to process payments without actually exposing an application to sensitive account…

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