Urgency Payments

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Topics: Electronic Payments, Payments Industry Trends, Payments Compliance, Retail Payments, Urgency Payments

As we all know, there is a significant shift in today’s consumers’ preferred method of communication.  Most consumers would rather avoid the direct dialogue with a live agent call, and the idea of any mail that is not email seems ancient.  As collections firms derive methods and develop strategies to accommodate this shift, the benefit that have resulted from this change should not be overlooked.

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Kiosk Payment Acceptance Guide for Collections & Receivables

Topics: Merchant Processing, Retail Payments, Urgency Payments

Technology has opened up opportunities for businesses to offer multiple channels for bill payment and that has benefited consumers and businesses, including improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs for collections….

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Improve Debt Collections By Offering Self-Service Payment Options

Topics: Merchant Processing, Electronic Payments, Retail Payments, Urgency Payments

Regardless of whether you run a business-facing or consumer-facing business, getting paid is central to your ability to remain profitable. Typically, late payments are a major impediment to your cash…

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Choosing a Payment Gateway Provider to Optimize Online Sales

Topics: Merchant Processing, Electronic Payments, Urgency Payments

Today’s digital payment gateway options offer merchants the opportunity to do more business in less time, and with much more security than was available through traditional payment functions. Stores experience…

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Payment Solutions for the Consumer Finance Industry

Topics: Electronic Payments, Retail Payments, Urgency Payments

The consumer finance industry has faced a number of challenges over the past decade. Payment systems are evolving at a rapid rate, and so are consumer expectations. Where APR was…

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Self-Service Payment Solutions for Consumer Lending

Topics: Merchant Processing, Electronic Payments, Retail Payments, Urgency Payments

Consumer expectations drive change in every industry, and that includes finance. With more regulations than ever limiting consumer lending markets, it is important to appeal to qualified customers. Highly-qualified buyers…

Read More > February 28, 2018