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How to Understand Convenience Fees

Topics: Merchant Processing

Perhaps the key to understanding what convenience fees are is to understand what they are not. Convenience fees are not surcharges, which are costs added simply for the privilege of…

Read More > October 27, 2015

PaymentVision at NARCA Fall 2015

Topics: Merchant Processing

Last week, the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) held their 2015 Fall Collection Conference in Washington, DC. This renowned conference attracted over 1,000 attendees, many of whom work…

Read More > October 21, 2015

Infographic – The Basics of Hosted Tokenization

Topics: Payments Risk Management

In many industries, hosted tokenization is a best practice for protecting financial account data transmission and storage, enabling you to process payments without actually exposing an application to sensitive account…

Read More > October 11, 2015

Understanding the Effective Rate

Topics: Merchant Processing

The effective rate is the most accurate way to measure the competitiveness of a merchant processing quote. It shows the amount of volume a business pays in credit card processing…

Read More > September 25, 2015

Tips on Choosing a Merchant Processor

Topics: Merchant Processing

A merchant account is required to accept card payments. Use the tips below to avoid these common mistakes when selecting your merchant service provider. 1. Pricing & Rates One of…

Read More > September 24, 2015

Understanding Merchant Account Pricing or Swipe Fees

Topics: Merchant Processing

Interchange fees (the cost from Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) vary based on a number of factors, such as the card type, (premium, rewards, debit, and so on), your standard industry…

Read More > September 23, 2015