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Understanding ACH Settlement Time

Topics: Merchant Processing, Electronic Payments

When you receive your paycheck via direct deposit, transfer money between bank accounts, or schedule a recurring payment from your bank account, your money passes through the Automated Clearing House Network, or ACH. However, payments processed through ACH payment processing are not immediate.

Read More > May 30, 2018

Online Payment Processing Service Portal Tips

Topics: Merchant Processing, Electronic Payments

Whether the issue is skepticism or suspicion about data security, implementing these tips can help overcome customer hesitation in using online payment processing services. The result will be increased convenience for your customers and streamlined debt collection processes for your company.

Read More > May 24, 2018

What Is the FDCPA?

Topics: Payments Risk Management, Payments Compliance

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) is designed to protect consumers against abusive debt collection tactics while providing guidelines to reputable businesses for remaining in compliance while maximizing payment recovery by legitimate collection efforts. Here’s what you should be aware of to ensure FDCPA compliance.

Read More > May 15, 2018

Payment Processing for Collection Agencies

Topics: Merchant Processing

Providing a variety of online bill payment options, exercising flexibility in payment scheduling and optimizing mobile payments are all essential elements in today’s collection process. Secure online payment processing complements your company’s staff to maximize the amount of money obtained through your company’s collection efforts.

Read More > May 10, 2018

Processing Card Payments: Understanding the Card Transaction Lifecycle

Topics: Merchant Processing

With credit card purchases, authorization is just the first step. For payment to appear in the merchant’s account, there are three other steps in the card processing transaction lifecycle. It’s important to have a risk management solution in place to ensure that transactions are processed successfully.

Read More > May 8, 2018

How Walk-in Payments Can Benefit Your Business

Topics: Merchant Processing, Electronic Payments, Retail Payments

Walk-in payments options can take many forms. Walk-in payment kiosks can be configured to accept cash as well as other payment options such as credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards. Consider some of the ways that walk-in payments can benefit your business.

Read More > May 1, 2018