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Payment Solutions for the Consumer Finance Industry

Topics: Electronic Payments, Retail Payments, Urgency Payments

The consumer finance industry has faced a number of challenges over the past decade. Payment systems are evolving at a rapid rate, and so are consumer expectations. Where APR was…

Read More > March 8, 2018

Card Processing: How Does It Work?

Topics: Merchant Processing, Electronic Payments, Retail Payments

In modern business, there is nothing so prevalent as the appearance of debit and credit cards. While some businesses thrive with just cash, most need to be able to accept…

Read More > March 6, 2018

Self-Service Payment Solutions for Consumer Lending

Topics: Merchant Processing, Electronic Payments, Retail Payments, Urgency Payments

Consumer expectations drive change in every industry, and that includes finance. With more regulations than ever limiting consumer lending markets, it is important to appeal to qualified customers. Highly-qualified buyers…

Read More > February 28, 2018

Keys to Effective Card Processing for Collections and Receivables

Topics: Merchant Processing, Electronic Payments, Retail Payments

Long AR lists can lead to bad debts, write-offs and, ultimately, lost profit opportunities. When businesses fail to collect receivables in a timely manner, they can wind up experiencing cash…

Read More > February 27, 2018

Card Processing Terminal Guide

Topics: Merchant Processing, Payments Compliance, Retail Payments

Card present transactions are the most secure of the payment options; they also cost less for the merchant and mean less liability in the case of fraud. Businesses realize numerous benefits from card present transactions, particularly in association with security.

Read More > February 22, 2018

Mobile-Friendly Payment Portals are Paying Off for Businesses

Topics: Merchant Processing, Electronic Payments, Urgency Payments

Mobile-friendly payment portals are essential for businesses to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction. The switch to mobile is pervasive throughout all aspects of web technology, and consumers expect it to…

Read More > February 8, 2018