AVS Limited Warranty Services

Description of Services
Upon Client’s request, PaymentVision will warrant payments processed through PaymentVision’s gateway when such payment is presented prior to origination and automatically, without manual override by client, clears PaymentVision’s Account Verification Tool.

Payment Warranty
PaymentVision provides a limited warranty, subject to the Claim of Warranty provisions below, that a payment that automatically and without any manual intervention by client clears PaymentVision’s Account Verification Tool shall not be returned for a Warranted Return Reason and if such payment is returned PaymentVision will reimburse the Processing Costs of such payment not to exceed $5.00 per return. This warranty does not apply to scheduled recurring payments.

Claim of Warranty
Client may request a reimbursement of the direct Processing Cost incurred for processing a payment that is returned for a Warranted Return Reason, not to exceed $5.00 per return, so long as payment meets the terms outlined above.

A reimbursement request must be made by sending a written request to:

AVS Warranty Request
12276 San Jose Blvd, Suite 624
Jacksonville, FL 32223

within sixty (60) days of the return date of the Warranted Payment. The request must include the following payment information:

  • Clients Name
  • Client Account/MCID Number
  • PaymentVision’s Transaction Reference Code
  • Payers last name
  • Routing number
  • Last four digits of the account number
  • Payment Amount
  • Customers Reference Code
  • Reimbursement amount requested
  • Proof of Warranted Return Reason
  • Proof of bank fees if requesting refund of bank fees outside of PaymentVision’s services.
  • Processing Costs
    PaymentVision’s Account Verification Fee, gateway fee, and origination fee as well as any Bank fee incurred by client.

    Warranted Return Reason
    An ACH/check item returned for one of the following return reasons; R02/ Account Closed, R03/No Account/Unable to Locate Account, R04/Invalid Account Number Structure, R13/Invalid ACH Routing Number, R16/Account Frozen, R20/Non-Transaction Account, and R28/Routing Number Check Digit Error.