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ACH Payment Processing Made Easy

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Simplified Electronic Check Payment Processing
Streamline operations, accept payments immediately, and eliminate complicated receivables.

Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of manually processing paper checks

Lower processing fees than alternative methods such as wire transfers or credit card payments

Accept customer payments directly from their bank accounts

Real-time payment processing gateway, with funds transferred within 24 hours

Automated payment processing reduces the potential for errors and fraud
ACH Paymen Pprocessing

Online ACH Payments

Get everything your business needs to be successful online and enable customers to pay anywhere, anytime, and from any device with our secure online ACH payment solution.
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Provide customers with a self-managed, multi-lingual, and secure automated phone payment system to collect e-check payments 24/7 without an agent.
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IVR ACH Payment Processing
Virtual Terminal E-check Processing
Leverage your existing customer service team and remain compliant by serving account holders and accepting e-check payments through a secure cloud-based portal.
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Process ACH payments within your existing software through fully integrated solutions with industry leading security.
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ACH Payment Processing API
Risk management
Effectively limit risk, improve customer service, and maximize quality customer acquisition with ACH payment risk management solutions.
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