Integrated Payment Processing

Streamlined billing and payment processing for debit and credit cards with our easily integrated payment API

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Payment Gateway to Accept Payments Within Your Software

Accept bill payments securely with the PayAPI payment gateway. PayAPI is payment application program interface (API) that allows your business to process all major credit cards and debit cards.

Multiple Payment Options

Process one-time and recurring payments directly within your existing bill payment software.

Multi-factor Security

Safeguard against unauthorized activity through multi-factor user authentication.

Fraud Prevention

With ValidPay, we can help prevent fraud and returns.

Secure & Compliant

All customer data is safely and securely processed through our PCI-certified systems, complete with tokenization.

Hosted Tokenization

Minimize compliance complexity and process payments without exposing your applications to financial account data.

The Benefits of Using Our Payment API

Integrating a payment gateway can add a tremendous value to your existing software. However, it is expensive to build and maintain a secure payment processing infrastructure on your own. PayAPI allows you to integrate payment processing within your software at lower costs.

  • Accept all major credit and debit cards with our gateway
  • Customers can set custom payment schedules for future dates and amounts
  • Require multiple layers of authentication
  • Sensitive information is given a random string (token) during transmission and storage
  • Customize restrictions on certain cards

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