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Increase your rate of response by allowing customers to send payments via text

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Get Paid Faster with Pay by Text Payments

Pay by text allows your business to send payment reminders, accept payments and send receipts to your customer's mobile devices.

Improve your Brand’s Customer Experience

With Pay by Text, your customers can opt-in to receive text messages for receipts, recurring payment alerts, and more.

Easy & Ecofriendly

Our fast and seamless SMS payment processing works just like a regular text message. Give your customers a “paperless” option that’s easy to use.


Payments are tokenized and processed safely through our certified PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant systems.

The Benefits of Pay by Text

It's no secret that most people prefer text/ SMS to phone calls. By offering a pay by text message service, your company gains a distinctive edge over competitors who still require customers to call to make payments or do business. Plus, the ease-of-use with Pay by Text can help improve on-time payment frequency among your customer base.

  • Improves customer satisfaction by providing a convenient way to pay
  • Reduce the number of late payments and collect receivables faster with custom SMS alerts
  • Does not require additional staff to implement
  • An excellent payment solution for entities such as utilities, municipalities, automobile dealerships, collection agencies, nonprofit organizations, and more!

How Pay by Text Works


Customer opts-in to receive text messages from your business regarding their account information


You can send pay by text prompts, and other types of messaging, to customers with outstanding balances


Customers respond to the text to initiate payment using information they have securely stored in their user profile


Within seconds, customers receive a reply text confirming receipt of payment

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