White Papers

White Papers

  • Preauthorized Payments & Regulatory Compliance

    Changes in regulation have resulted in some confusion within the industry about authorizations for preauthorized ACH and debit card payments under Regulation E (Reg E) and NACHA regulations. Download this white paper today to read a detailed analysis of these requirements, citing several authoritative sources.

  • What to Know Today About the Starter Interrupt Device

    Many of the vehicles financed with subprime loans have a GPS device installed, and lenders have utilized the use of starter interrupt devices (“SIDs”).  Lenders will require the SID to be installed as a condition of getting a vehicle loan. SIDs enable the auto lender to remotely disable the ignition system of a borrower’s car if the borrower defaults on their loan. In many instances, the SID is equipped with a global positioning system (“GPS”), the SID also communicates the location of the car to the lender to facilitate the repossession of the vehicle.

  • Convenience Fee Collection State Outline

    Understanding state specific guidelines regarding the collection of a convenience fee is important. In recent years, the FTC has focused on bringing a greater number of cases and obtaining stronger monetary and injunctive remedies against debt collectors that violate the law.