Custom Reporter 1.0 and PayWeb 2 v1.3.12

We are pleased to announce the releases of the Custom Reporter 1.0 as well as PayWeb 2 v.1.3.12. The new functionality is available immediately.

Please find below some highlights of the releases. To Access the full release notes, please navigate to the PaymentVision release notes page. You will need to enter your PaymentVision username and password to access them. If you need to update your user name or password, please contact the Client Support Team at or 800-345-7243.

Custom Reporter 1.0

Custom Reporter is a new PaymentVision application that enables reporting to be configured at the primary and sub-merchant level. The purpose of the application is to reduce the time and cost associated with satisfying merchant posting requirements. This is accomplished by providing a flexible framework where requirements can be met through configuration versus custom development.

Configuration Properties

  • Format
  • Data Elements
  • Encryption Protocol
  • Transmission Protocol
  • Destination


Report Types

Report Type Description
ACH Transactions Reports ACH Transaction Events
ACH Returns and Corrections Reports ACH Return and Correction Events
Credit Card Transactions Reports Credit Card Transaction Events Including Refunds and Voids
Customer Updates Reports Updated Contact Information Received via PayWeb 2

PayWeb 2 v1.3.12

New Feature Description
Duplicate Payment Warning Warns a customer if they attempt to make a duplicate payment within the system.
Minimum Recurring Payment Amount Enforces a minimum recurring payment amount within payment plans.

Thank you for your continued business.