PayIVR v.4.0

PayIVR v.4.0 is now available in production. The purpose of this release is to introduce one enhancement (Card Filtering by Brand) and one functional change (Account Use Preference Prompt).

Card Filtering by Brand

Card Filtering by Brand is an enhancement to PaymentVision’s Card Filtering feature that enables it to be configured at the brand level.

What is Card Filtering?

Card Filtering is a feature that enables merchants to enforce card acceptance restrictions by type (debit, credit) and issuing bank.

How it Works?

  1. When a customer adds a card to their wallet, PayIVR first validates the card number
  2. If the card number is valid, PayIVR looks up the BIN
  3. PayIVR then takes the result and checks it against the merchant’s Card Filtering configuration
  4. If the card type is restricted for the card brand, PayIVR presents an error message


Use Case

Card Filtering by Brand helps merchants who collect or refinance existing debt to comply with Visa rule Under Visa rule, merchants who collect or refinance existing debt are required to register as a Limited Acceptance Merchant, a designation which limits acceptance to Visa debit cards only.

Financial Account Storage Preference

Financial Account Storage Preference is a feature introduced as part of our Wallet Management release that enables a user to specify how they would like a financial account to be stored within the system. As part of this release, we are changing the text used to prompt the customer for their preference in order to avoid any confusion as it relates to previously scheduled payments.

Financial Account Storage Preference

BeforeWould you like to save your account for future payments?
AfterCredit Card: Would you like to save this credit card to your account? Bank Account: Would you like to save this bank account to your account?