PaymentVision 5.3

PaymentVision 5.3 is now available in production. The purpose of this release is to add Recurring Payment Indicator.

Recurring Payment Indicator

Recurring Payment Indicator is a new feature of PayAPI that enables software integration partners to indicate whether a payment is one-time or recurring when submitting a payment request.

What’s new?

While PaymentVision could previously differentiate one-time and recurring payments in cases where payment schedules were stored within PaymentVision, Recurring Payment Indicator enables PaymentVision to differentiate them in cases where payment schedules are stored within an external software application.

What request methods can include it?

Recurring Payment Indicator can be included within the following PayAPI request methods:

  • MakeACHPayment
  • MakeIdBasedACHPayment
  • MakeCreditCardPayment
  • MakeIdBasedCreditCardPayment
  • MakeCheckPayment
  • MakeIdBasedCheckPayment

What are the use cases?

Recurring Payment Indicator has the following use cases:

  • NACHA Telephone-initiated (TEL) Entry rules compliance
  • NACHA Internet-initiated (WEB) Entry rules compliance
  • Visa rules compliance

How does it work?