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Meet the world’s leading provider of Payment Processing Solutions

Simplify payments, any method, anytime, anywhere.


We prioritize Trust and Integrity and ensure 100% compliance, maximum safety, and risk mitigation for our clients' transactions.


PaymentVision retains 98% of clients for 10 years with dependable support and commitment to meeting expectations.


We provide customized, reliable service and support to our clients to ensure continuous processing as a trusted business partner.

Built On Strong Values

PaymentVision is the leader in payment solutions

PaymentVision, an Autoscribe company, provides payment processing services to financial institutions and billers nationwide. Our PCI-certified payment gateway allows clients to accept electronic payments through various channels or a payment API. Lyons Commercial Data, our sister company, provides quality financial institution data for transaction processing. Our clients include large financial institutions, credit unions, insurance companies, municipalities, credit bureaus, and non-financial entities.

PaymentVision has secured over 10 patents since its launch in 1989.

Secure processing for over $2 billion of transactions per year.

30 Years Experience

Over 30 years of innovation and growth in financial technology.


With over 70 years of combined experience in the payments industry, we offer clients a wealth of knowledge and experience. At PaymentVision we are committed to our customers and providing the latest in innovative payment processing technology. We provide businesses with better service and more payment processing channels.

We Support Growing Businesses


To ensure our customers’ success, PaymentVision has developed a rich partner ecosystem with leading technology and services providers globally.

PaymentVision integrates into many of the industry-leading billing and collection software solutions, providing billers and merchants with a full suite of pre-integrated secure & compliant payment solutions.

PaymentVision Patents

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