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PV Check by Phone

Accept Check by Phone Payments

Lower payment processing costs with easy and secure pay by check over the phone

PCI Compliant

Easy Integration

Simplifies Payment

Streamline Support Processes

What is Check by Phone?

PV Check by Phone allows your business to easily verify ABA (routing) numbers in real-time and accept checks by phone. Your company no longer has to wait for a check to come in the mail for payment. PV Check by Phone allows payments to be made faster and efficiently.

Enhancing Efficiency with Secure PV Check by Phone Administrative Portal

Using the secure PV Check by Phone administrative portal helps your customer service or call center staff be more efficient. The payment portal allows representatives to accept check payments and easily access account information or update payment status. Not only can your customer service view check payments, but it also allows for a centralized view of activity across all payment channels.

The Benefits of Using Check by Phone

Reduce check returns and streamline data processing by verifying ABA (routing) numbers in real time.

Instantly Supports single payments in addition to regular installment schedules.

Check payments by phone can be processed instantly, which eliminates the need for your customers to mail checks in.

Designed for security from the ground up. We’re PCI Level 1 & NACHA compliant on secure datacenters with 99.9% uptime.
Allows for card not present (CNP) and ACH payment options.

Why Choose PV Check by Phone?

Using a check by phone service streamlines payment processing, saving time and reducing the need for physical bank visits, while providing convenience for both businesses and customers.

Check by Phone

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