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Pay by Text

SMS Payment Solutions

Increase your rate of response by allowing customers to send payments via text.

Provide Alerts & Reminders

Increase Payment Collections

Improve Customer Experience

PCI and Regulatory Compliant

What is Pay by Text?

Pay by Text is an easy way for your business to accept payments from customers through text messages. It can also help your business send reminders, receipts, confirmations, and alerts through text messages.

Get Paid Faster with Pay by Text Payments

PayByText is a convenient service that lets your customers send payments via text message. In addition, your business can send
alerts, reminders, receipts, and payment confirmations in your customers desired channel. Over 60% of consumers use
mobile devices to complete financial transactions, be available where your customers prefer to interact.

The Benefits of Using Pay by Text

Improves customer satisfaction by providing a convenient way to pay

Does not require additional staff to implement

Reduce late payments and collect receivables faster with custom SMS alerts

PCI and Regulatory Compliant (meets CFPB and FCC guidance)

Why Choose Pay by Text?

Text reminders sent via SMS help customers make payments on time and reduce late payments.  Overall your customer’s satisfaction increases with convenient ways to pay their bills from anywhere and at any time.
Pay by Text is a secure sms payment gateway that uses PCI and regulatory compliant (meets CFPB and FCC guidance) technology. Payments made through the sms gateway are secure and use hosted tokenization to protect your customer’s payment information.

Pay by Text

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