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Hosted Tokenization

Hosted Tokenization & PCI-DSS Certification Solutions

Improve your PCI compliance and minimize complexity.

Hosted Tokenization Simplifies Compliance

Hosted tokenization is widely recognized as a best practice in the financial industry for securely transmitting and storing account data. By leveraging this solution, you can process payments with peace of mind, knowing that your applications and users are shielded from sensitive financial information. This enables you to seamlessly integrate payment processing functionality while staying compliant with PCI-DSS regulations. We highly recommend utilizing a hosted tokenization solution to safeguard your organization’s reputation and protect your customers’ data.

Hosted tokenization is patented by Autoscribe (U.S. Pat. No. 9,576,279)

Hosted Tokenization Is Available For Several Products

The Benefits of Hosted Tokenization

Tokenization replaces sensitive data such as credit card numbers with unique symbols, reducing the risk of data breaches and fraud. It occurs in a secure external environment, protecting businesses from cyber threats. Hosted tokenization also simplifies compliance with industry standards and reduces the amount of data requiring protection. 

Safely schedule and process future and recurring credit card transactions.

Data breaches can cost organizations a lot of money, with fines ranging from $5,000 to $500,000 depending on the severity of the breach. Banks and credit card issuers may also impose additional costs and fines for forensic research and non-compliance. Protecting customer data and meeting compliance requirements is crucial to avoid these costly consequences.

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How can you remove your application/system from the PCI-DSS scope?

To integrate payments without adding a system, use a tokenization solution to avoid handling card data.

Processing card data is easily avoided by integrating a PCI-DSS certified payment gateway with an Application Programming Interface (API).

Storing card data can be avoided using tokens, which are symbolic representations of a financial account only meaningful to the merchant. Tokens can be stored and used in a wide range of systems without bringing those systems in scope of PCI-DSS storage requirements.

Transmitting card data can be avoided using a session within a PCI-DSS certified registration channel. A hosted tokenization session can be requested from a PCI-DSS certified registration channel in order to tokenize or enroll a financial account in payments without exposing a server to card data. Data can be included in the request to pre-populate the session so the handoff is transparent to the end user.

Hosted Tokenization

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