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Settlement Offers

Perfect product for online settlement campaigns

Create individual offers to settle debt at the account level and collect agreements on your customer’s terms.

E-Consent for Reg F

Perfect for Tax Season

Payment Notifications / Reg E

Business Protection Agreements

What is Settlement Offers?

PaymentVision offers the perfect product for online settlement campaigns. Create individual offers at the account level, collect agreements via our PayWeb360 product and send out Reg F and Reg E compliant notices via email and SMS.

Get Funding Faster with our Flexible Settlement Options

Settlement Offers, the payment processing solution for leading creditors and collections companies, offers flexible settlement options: lump sum, payoff plan, or payoff plan with a down payment. It provides creditor-level disclosures, electronic signatures, upfront payment info, and automatic schedules. Customers can manage settlements and opt-in for notifications, inside or outside the system, making it a convenient and transparent solution for all parties involved.

The Benefits of Using Our Settlement Offers

Allow your customers flexible self-driven settlement options for higher recovery

Signed agreements and electronic opt-ins for Reg F compliance

Perfect for recoveries during tax season

Why Choose Settlement Offers?

Settlement Offers provide customers with an additional incentive to pay by reducing the total payment amount in exchange for a payment agreement.  As a recovery tool, it is much more powerful than a promise-to-pay, because you are collecting payment information upfront and processing the payment(s) on an automated schedule.  They are especially useful during tax season when a customer’s ability to pay may have increased as a result of a refund. 

Settlement Offers

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