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Virtual Terminal for Call Centers

Improve call center customer experience with a customized over the phone payment processing portal.

PCI Compliant

Easy Integration

Simplifies Payments

Streamline Support Processes

What is PayAgent?

PayAgent can simplify payment processing for your team and optimize call handling time. Our virtual terminal leverages your existing customer service team and helps you remain regulatory compliant. It will enable you to stay on top of all your transactions and allow your business to accept payments made via telephone.

Simplify Call Center Payment Processing

PayAgent allows customer service agents to easily process payments, set payment schedules for future dates or create recurring payments. Agents can access all of the customer’s payment information in one payment portal. Multiple accounts can be linked in one single dashboard for faster call handling.

PayAgent provides your team with an online, cloud-based portal for virtual terminal payment processing over the phone.

The Benefits of Using PayAgent

Accept all major credit and debit cards with our gateway

Instantly Assist Customers Ready to Pay by Phone

Collectors can set custom payment schedules for future dates and amounts

Designed for security from the ground up. We’re PCI Level 1 & NACHA compliant on secure datacenters with 99.9% uptime. Allows for card not present (CNP) and ACH payment options.

Why Choose PayAgent?

PayAgent uses online and cloud-based technology, so it can be easily used through your existing systems. Providing high security standards, your company can process payments and remain regulatory compliant. Your dedicated team at PaymentVision will assist your company with setup, customization, and provide ongoing support.


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