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Interactive Voice Response Payment System

Reduce overhead costs and provide customer convenience with IVR payment processing.

24/7 Availability

Multi-factor Security

Reduce Payment Expenses

Flexible Capacity & Scalable

What is PayIVR?

IVR stands for interactive voice recognition and means you can use your voice or touch-tone keypads to get automatic help over the phone. An IVR payment system is a special kind of IVR that lets you check your account balance or make payments using your phone. 

Collect Payments with an Automated Phone Payment System 24/7

Our PayIVR payment solution benefits your customers by providing them with a convenient and accessible way to pay over the phone without needing to speak to (or wait on hold for) a live representative. With custom voice prompts a multi-lingual options and call flows, our IVR can be tailored to guide callers through your payment steps.

The Benefits of Using Our Payment IVR

Reduce Overhead Costs and Decrease Hold Times

IVR Payments for Faster Bill Collection

Customizable Voice Prompt Experiences

Why Choose PayIVR?

Using our IVR phone system for payment processing saves overhead costs and eliminates the need for additional call center agents. Customers can easily make payments 24/7 without having to wait for traditional business hours and can choose to speak with existing staff if needed. By reducing customer hold times, our IVR system improves customer experience and increases bill collection.


How PayIVR Works

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Customer Calls to Make a Payment

Customers call into an interactive voice response system (IVR) to get account information and complete payments.

IVR Presents Self-Service Payment Options

Information is entered securely over the phone using an interactive workflow that matches your business branding and style guide.

PaymentVision Securely Processes Transaction

One-time and recurring credit card, debit card, or electronic check payments are processed securely in a Level-1 PCI Certified IVR phone system.

Collect Funds & Get Real-Time Payment Details

Collect your payments and use our online administrative hub to get a centralized view of activity across all your payment channels.
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