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Point of Sale Payment Terminal

Lower transaction costs by capturing the payment at the point of sale.

Fully Integrated System

Lower Pass-through Rates

Real Time Payment Capture

All-In-One consolidated online views

What is PV POS?

In milliseconds, after completing the sale, representatives can capture payments via the point of sale terminal, receive immediate authorization, capture signatures if needed, and provide instant transaction information and receipts through PaymentVision.

Customer-Centric Benefits of Our Payment Terminal

Our Payment Terminal not only benefits your customers by providing an immediate and convenient way to take payments at the point of sale but also enables merchants to seamlessly process debit or credit card payments, provide customer receipts, consolidate in-person and online payments in one view, and improve liquidity by capturing payments the same day.

The Benefits of Using PV POS

Card Present Transactions lower Payment Processing Fees

Prepopulate Payment Terminal with Payment Information

Receive online/real-time responses for payment approvals

PV POS Payments processed securely in a LEVEL-1 PCI certified system and decisions are returned within milliseconds.

Why Choose PV Point of Sale?

Using a check by phone service streamlines payment processing, saving time and reducing the need for physical bank visits, while providing convenience for both businesses and customers.

Point of Sale

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