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Integrated Payment Processing

Integrated platform for processing various payments including credit cards, debit cards, and ACH.

Easy Integration

Hosted Tokenization

Multi-Factor Security

Multiple Payment Options

What is a Payment API?

API or application program interface is a system that allows two separate applications to work together. A payment API provides a secure gateway to send payment information through a program and processed through another.

Integrate Payment Processing Within Your Software

Collect bill payments securely within your own software with PayAPI. PayAPI is a payment platform API that provides an integrated solution for processing credit cards, debit card, and ACH payments. This payment platform API gives your business control over bill collection and management of the user interface. There are a number of customizations that can further enhance the customer’s experience. PayAPI creates happy customers by allowing them to control their payment amounts and dates. Customers can also use the payment API to make one time, schedule future payments, or choose amounts.

The Benefits of Using Our Payment API

Accept all major credit and debit cards with our gateway

Require Multiple Layers of Authentication

Customers can set custom payment schedules for future dates and amounts

Why Choose PayAPI?

PayAPI simplifies payment collection for businesses with seamless integration. PaymentVision provides transparent documentation and support for payment processing channels. Dedicated teams provide setup and post-launch support. Choose the payment platform API for processing with uptime exceeding 99.99%.


* PayAPI Implements methods covered by one or more U.S. patents, including, but not limited to the ones U.S. patents listed at

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