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PaymentVision to Attend RMAi 2024, Paving the Way for Better Debt Collection Solutions


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PaymentVision, a leading financial services and payment processing company, proudly announces its participation in the groundbreaking RMAi 2024 event. This unique event is a pioneering platform in the receivables management industry, dedicated to showcasing and understanding the revolutionary technologies transforming debt collection methods.

As an established service provider to thousands of financial institutions and corporate billers across the nation, PaymentVision is committed to leading the charge in adopting and integrating state-of-the-art payment solutions. RMAi 2024 represents a significant opportunity for industry professionals, originating creditors, collection agencies, law firms, brokers or affiliates to gain valuable insights into leveraging technology to reshape and enhance debt collection practices.

PaymentVision’s participation in RMAi 2024 underlines its commitment to empowering the collections industry with advanced platforms. “Attending RMAi 2024 is an incredible opportunity for PaymentVision to showcase our commitment to innovation in the financial services sector. Our goal is to empower our clients with technology that not only enhances efficiency but also aligns with the evolving needs of today’s tech-savvy consumers.” – Scott Wittosch – Director of Sales and Partnerships

In a collaborative stride, PaymentVision will be attending alongside its partner, Vertican Technologies. This partnership underscores a shared vision of providing the collections industry with superior payment processing and technological solutions. 

Attendees of RMAi 2024 can look forward to engaging with PaymentVision and Vertican Technologies. They will gain a firsthand experience of how these companies are shaping the future of debt collection through innovative and consumer-friendly technologies.

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Join PaymentVision and others at RMAi 2024 to witness the future of debt collection technology in action.


About PaymentVision:

PaymentVision is a financial services and payment processing company that has been serving thousands of financial institutions and corporate billers across the nation. With a focus on innovation and customer service, PaymentVision is dedicated to providing seamless payment solutions that are both secure and efficient.



Agnes Wozniak

Director of Marketing

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