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PaymentVision 5.11 is now available in production. The purpose of this release is to add 1 new feature (Sender Certification), add 2 new email notification rules (Payment Reminder, Past Due Alert), address 1 limitation (Email Unsubscribe Link) and add 1 new API Gateway transformation library (Campaign Tracking).

Sender Certification

Sender Certification is a new process that enables a personalized domain to be certified prior to use as a Sender (a.k.a. From Address) within Payment Notification emails.

What are Payment Notifications?

Payment Notifications are payment-related messages based on rules configured within the PaymentVision Portal (e.g.; payment confirmations, intent to deposit notifications, varying amount transfer notifications).

What is the purpose of Sender Certification?

Sender Certification is a way for us to make sure that your domain has been properly configured for use as a Sender within our platform so that Email Service Providers (e.g.; Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo) can authenticate your Payment Notification emails. They are more likely to deliver emails when they can authenticate them (a.k.a. Sender Authentication).

What is the From Address set to now?

The From Address is currently set to a generic address that has been configured for use within our platform (

Why is it important to use a personalized email domain?

Sending email from a personalized domain is important because it can help improve delivery rates when properly configured.

Notification Rules

Rule Types

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PaymentPastDueAlertEmail and PaymentReminderEmail are dependent on the upload of client reference data either as part of a customer information file or integrated web service.

Email Unsubscribe Link

Prior to this release, PaymentVision did not provide a mechanism to opt back into email notifications once opted out. Now, as part of this release, customers can opt back into email notifications online using PayWeb360.

Campaign Tracking

Campaign Tracking is a new API Gateway transformation library that enables a PayAPI GetTransactionDetails request to return campaign IDs as part of transaction details.

Use Case

Measure campaign performance


The association of a Campaign ID to a transaction is currently limited to transactions sourced via PayWeb360.

Integration Dependencies

Campaign Tracking has the following integration dependencies:

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