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PaymentVisoin v.5.21 is now available in production.  The purpose of this release is to introduce Payment Links.

Payment Links

Payment Links is a new feature that enables clients to include a PayWeb360 payment link within payment notifications.

What types of payment notifications support payment links?

The following notification rule structures can now include a payment link as part of this release:

How do I enable and configure it?

A payment link can be included within a payment notification by performing the following steps:

  1. Add the variable reference name within a notification rule template.  The following screen shot shows what this looks like within a PaymentReminderEmail rule.
  2. Add the PayWeb360 host url to the Organization Profile as shown within the next screen shot

What does the url look like?

Email The url included within email notifications will use the following structure:


Text The url included within text notifications will use the same structure as email but it will be shortened so as to avoid exceeding the text messaging 160 character count limit.