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PayWeb360 v.1.13 is now available in production. The purpose of this release is to introduce 2 new features (Payment Velocity Warning, Automatic Payment Extension) and fix 4 issues (Original CreditorConvenience Fee RefreshConvenience Fee DecimalMax Payment Duration)

Automatic Payment Extension

As part of this release, PaymentVision is laying the tracks for automatic payments to be extended via our Recurring Payment Adjustment application.

What is Automatic Payment Extension?

Automatic Payment Extension is a set of new modes within our Recurring Payment Adjustment Application that will automatically extend an automatic payment in the event that the last payment is not sufficient to pay off the balance.

What is changing within PayWeb360?

PayWeb 360 will begin associating an installment recipe with all automatic payments so that they can be extended, as needed, by our Recurring Payment Adjustment application.

Does this mean that payments will automatically be extended?

No.  In order for an automatic payment to be extended you must first opt-in to the feature.

Payment Velocity Warning

Payment Velocity Warning is a new feature that warns a customer when attempting to make more than one payment within a configurable number of hours.  PayWeb360 already has built in protection against many of the common causes of duplicate payments such as double clicks, page refreshes and page reloads.  This provides extra protection.

How it works

  1. User makes a payment within PayWeb360 or any other PaymentVision payment application (e.g.; PayIVR, PayAPI)
  2. User attempts to make a payment in PayWeb360 on the same account within a configurable number of hours.
  3. PayWeb360 presents a warning as shown within the following screen shot below:


The payment velocity hours can be configured at the tenant level.  When not set, PayWeb360 defaults to 24 hours.

Original Creditor

Original Creditor is an existing field on the Account Detail screen.  The purpose of the field is to present the name of the original creditor in cases where the account has been placed with a debt collector.  Prior to this release the Original Creditor field was always presented regardless of whether it was populated within client reference data (a.k.a. CIF).  Now, as part of this release, the Original Creditor field will be hidden in cases where it is not populated.

Convenience Fee Refresh

Prior to this release, if a customer refreshed the Verify Payment page while making a one-time payment with a convenience fee, the convenience fee was removed allowing the user to make a payment without being assessed a convenience fee.  This issue has been resolved as part of this release.

Convenience Fee Decimal

Prior to this release, the decimal within the convenience fee amount was ignored in cases where the language preference on the browser was set to any Eurozone language.  This caused the customer to be assessed an incorrect convenience fee amount.  For example, a convenience fee of $9.95 would be interpreted as $995.  This issue has been resolved as part of this release.

Max Payment Duration

PayWeb360 has an existing configuration option (maxRecurringPaymentDurationInMonths) that prevents an automatic payment from exceeding a duration limit in months.   This configuration option was not being enforced in cases where the user (1) triggered a minimum payment amount violation when setting up an automated payment then (2) navigated to the dashboard and (3) attempted to make another payment.  This issue has been resolved as part of this release.