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PayWeb360 1.17 is now available in production. The purpose of this release is to introduce 1 new feature (Fee Waiving), 4 enhancements (Payment History, Original Creditor, User Profile Navigation, Session Expiration), 2 new configuration options (Automatic Payments, Payment History) and 4 fixes (2-Factor AuthenticationPayments-in-Full, User Events and Email Domain Extension).

Fee Waiving

Fee Waiving is a new feature that, when enabled, will allow users to waive a convenience fee when signing on as an agent.

Payment History 

Payment History is an existing screen that presents both upcoming and previously processed payments.


Payment History will now include ACH returns as part of this release.

New Configuration Option

Prior to this release, the account associated with the payment would need to be present within client reference data (a.k.a. CIF) for it to be included. Now, as part of this release, PayWeb360 can be configured to include payments that are associated with an account ID that is not present within client reference data.

Original Creditor

Original Creditor is an existing field within the Account Detail screen. Now, as part of this release, the original account ID can be presented underneath it. In order to take advantage of this enhancement you will need to include the original account ID within client reference data (a.k.a. CIF). 

User Profile Navigation

User Profile is an existing screen that enables users to view their personal details and electronic communication settings. As part of this release, we have improved the navigation to this screen from the Dashboard.