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PayWeb360 v.1.7 is now available in production. The purpose of this release is to add 3 new features (Email Opt in / Opt out Management, Email Opt in Call to Action, Campaign Tracking) and make 1 change (Card Replacement).

Email Opt in / Opt out Management

PayWeb360 can now be configured to provide customers with the ability to opt in or opt out of email notifications.

How it Works

  1. When Email is enabled as part of the site configuration, a toggle is presented within the user profile screen as shown within the screenshot below. Note: PayWeb360 can be configured to assume that, if an email address is included within client reference data, it is opted in so long as we don’t have a record of it being opted out.
  2. If a customer is not already opted in, turning on the email toggle will send an email containing a verification link (a.k.a. Double Opt-in)
  3. If the session is active within the customer’s browser, clicking the link will complete the opt in process, as shown within the screenshot below. Otherwise, the customer will be redirected to a login screen to complete the opt in process.


Email opt ins and opt outs initiated within PayWeb360 are included on the daily Email Registration Updates file, which also includes any opt outs initiated from the unsubscribe link within PaymentVision email notifications.

Use Cases

Email opt ins and opt outs initiated within PayWeb360 can be used to determine whether a customer is eligible to receive email notifications inside or outside of the PaymentVision platform.

PaymentVision supports the following email notification use cases:

Email Opt in Call to Action

Email Opt in Call to Action is a visual cue intended to bring attention to the email notification subscription option.

How it works

  1. When Email is enabled as part of the site configuration and a customer has not yet opted in or out, a Call to Action is presented within the payment workflow as shown within the screenshot below
  2. Clicking the Turn On button will take the user to their profile, where they can add an email address and initiate the opt-in process

Campaign Tracking

Campaign Tracking is a new feature that enables a campaign ID to be associated with a PayWeb360 session.

Use Case

Measure the performance of a text, email, print mail or website campaign.

How it Works

  1. User clicks on a hyperlink to a PayWeb360 site
  2. PayWeb360 parses the query string
  3. If the query string includes “campid” as a parameter then PayWeb360 will capture the corresponding value and record it as part of the PayWeb360 session
  4. Any payments that result from the session will then be associated with the Campaign ID through their association with the session


Campaign IDs can be added to any existing PaymentVision transaction posting file or included with transaction data as part of a separate file.

Card Replacement

Card Replacement is an existing feature that enables a customer to replace a card within their PayWeb360 wallet.


Prior to this release, when a customer replaced a card it was retired and not unregistered.


Now, as part of this release, when a customer replaces a card it will be both retired and unregistered.

Reason for the Change

This change resolves an issue that was causing a card to continue to be updated via our Account Updater service even after it was manually replaced by the customer. It has no customer-facing impact.